Interview with Author Assistant Yvonne Wu

Jen: Please help me welcome Yvonne Wu to the blog this week. Will you please share a short bio with our readers?
Yvonne: I have more than ten years corporate experience, including such positions as marketing assistant, executive assistant, web technician, scheduler and call center technical support. I have received a diploma in Marketing and Business Administration. Have obtained the Entrepreneur edge certificate. I have successfully completed the Author Assistant Certificate Program created by Jan King Author and Publisher. I have previously worked for a Religious Organization in which the owner was also an Author/Speaker. This person inspired me.

Jen: Please tell us a little more about your job as an author’s assistant and The YP Publishing.
Yvonne: I assist with manuscript preparation, publishing and promoting your book before and after its publication date.

Jen: How did you get into this job?
Yvonne: I was working as a Virtual Assistant; I decided to specialize so I enrolled in the Author Assistant Certificate Program with Jan King.

Jen: What other experience do you have within publishing?
Yvonne: My previous employed experience is working for an Author/Speaker as a web technician in which I maintained his online book store. I am also currently working with several authors.

Jen: What services does your company offer authors?
Yvonne: Such services as Manuscript Preparation, Printing Coordination & Distribution, Public Relations and Marketing their book.

Jen: Do you have any advice for authors, published or aspiring?
Yvonne: Hold firm onto your dream and do not let anyone stand in the way of your dream.

Jen: How is an Author’s Assistant different than a Publicist?
Yvonne: An Author’s Assistant can coordinate parts of the publishing process itself, and coordinate and assist in the marketing of the book once it is published. When an Author’s Assistant is promoting your book, they can take maximum advantage of their technical know-how.

The Virtual Author’s Assistant has technical skills and can offer services in which they provide the implementation themselves – such as web maintenance, blog setup and podcasting.

Publicist may direct Authors to outside professionals for these services.

Jen: Do you have any advice to people looking to get into this job?
Yvonne: The Author Assistant program teaches all the steps on how to setup a virtual book tour, components of a media kit, components of a book proposal, and so much more. Yet you need to invest in courses as well that teach you technical skills. You also may need to outsource such specialized services as editorial support.

Jen: Who are some of your favorite authors?
Yvonne: Margaret Atwood, DiDi LeMay, Stephen King and so many more.

Jen: Is there some dream you have for your job or company?
Yvonne: I myself have an art background so I would like to continue to work with creative individuals. To continue to assist with all aspects of book preparation from start to finish.

Jen: Where are you found on the web?
View my podcast: The Cappuccino Breeze:Monthly Tips itunes Video Podcast

Jen: Do you have any questions for our readers?
Yvonne: For the Authors out there, what type of services do you look for in an Author Assistant? What part of the publishing and book promotion process do you need the most assistance with?

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