Review: "Sexual Secrets" by Melissa MacNeal

Here’s the blurb from the back of the book:

Delicious Deceit

Saved from certain ruin in the back streets of Paris by the wealthy Rutledge Bentley, identical twins Colette and Camille are now members of London’s elite. Besotted with their beauty, Rutledge has taken Camille for his bride and married off her twin to his son, Heath. But while Colette can barely keep up with the sexual demands of her prodigious lover, Camille is left unfulfilled by her much-older husband and desires much more…

And so it occurs to them: why not change places??

As Colette shares all the intimate details of her sexual escapades with Heath, Camille learns how to tease her new “husband” into a state of arousal that will ensure the sensual release her body is so desperately longing for. Colette, meanwhile, is being seduced by a dark, exotic stranger with a hidden agenda that can bring their world crashing down around them. It’s a wickedly dangerous plan that promises deliciously erotic delights…as long as they don’t get caught.

I was intrigued when Melissa MacNeal approached me in reviewing her newest historical erotic romance. She is a new-to-me author and I enjoy finding new authors to read.

I began reading Sexual Secrets before reading the blurb for the book… something I never do. I was quite shocked when very early in the story the twins decided to switch places as neither of them is exactly happy in their marriage. And then things get even more complicated when a mysterious stranger comes to town and tempts one of the twins.

I actually found this book a bit hard to digest. While the “intimate” scenes are quite hot, as soon as you factor in the different relationships of the characters, they actually turned my stomach. I ended up forcing myself to continue reading the story so that I could write a complete review. I also kept hoping that somehow in the end the there would be some sort of redemption. Yet I was sorely disappointed.

As much as I hate giving a bad review, I can’t recommend this book. Unfortunately it just left a bad taste in my mouth.