Review: "Secrets: Sensual Cravings" (Volume 28)

When Red Sage approached me to review this newest anthology in their Secrets series, I jumped at the chance. I’d been wanting to read one of these books for quite a while, but just never picked one up. I always ended up going with a safer choice, sticking with picking up the newest releases by some of my favorite authors instead of trying an anthology of lesser known names. However, I was not disappointed with my first experience with Secrets and I can’t wait to read more.

This anthology had it all: romance, red-hot sex scenes, and a variety of settings (location and times). “Kiss Me at Midnight” by Kate St. James is contemporary story revolving around L.A. talk show co-hosts. “Mind Games” by Kathleen Scott is set in futuristic US and is filled with suspense and had paranormal elements. Jennifer Lynne’s “Seducing Serena” is a contemporary tale set in Australia. And the historical offering in this anthology is “The Pirate’s Passion” by Juliet Burns.

All of the authors were new to me. I felt a little confused by Kathleen Scott’s story, only because it was part of a series that I felt like I was coming in without back story. And the fact that it is a futurist also put it at a disadvantage for me, as I don’t read the genre all that often. However, I was able to overcome my preconceived ideas and enjoyed the novella. I would have loved for “The Pirate’s Passion” to have been a longer story as I feel there is opportunity to add and expand on the tale. The other two stories were just the right length to tell a satisfying story.

I look forward to reading more books from the Secrets series. The authors of the next volume of Secrets will be our guests during a special week in July. If you want a copy of this volume, you can by the book at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.