Guest Blog: "Writing and Romance" by Donneil Jackson

Outside my window, looks like the perfect winter wonderland. Snow covered trees and houses create the perfect backdrop to what could me one romantic night. Inside, the fireplace is going. A cup of hot chocolate sits on the coffee table. I close my eyes and envision the arms of someone holding me tight. I feel his lips kiss my neck and hear “I love you” whispered. I open my eyes and accept that I am snuggled up in a blanket on the couch with my laptop. I bet you thought I was nestling up with a man, I wish! It would have been very romantic if I were cuddling on the couch with someone who loved me more than I loved him. But unfortunately that is not the case. I’m snowed in and I am all alone.

Tonight would’ve been the perfect blockbuster night. The one thing preventing the blockbuster night is my lack of a mate who shares my same idea of romance. So what do I do? I write. I write about romance. I write about being held, kissed, loved long time and all the sweet things we women call romantic.

What is your idea of romance? Is it love notes? In this day in age, a love note would equate to a text message or maybe a sweet email. Do you get flowers delivered to your job or home just because it’s Wednesday? I don’t either. Does your mate give you what you crave? If you are like me, you write to get your daily dose of romance.

When I write, I create male characters that posse all the characteristics I want in mate. I create situations within my novels, where these characters have the opportunity to showcase their romantic side and vicariously I live through their female counterparts.

In my novel, Chante’s Song, Keith was romantic and attentive to the needs and wants of

Chante. Keith is the one character all of my female readers love and would want to meet. He was my Adonis. Created especially for me, Donneil D. Jackson, with pen and piece of paper. Keith strategically plotted on the opportunity to meet her. Once he had her he was determined to keep her. He bathed her, serenaded her, and loved her. One scene that comes to mind is when he agreed to take a walk through Central Park with Chante just because she wanted to. I wish I could get Mr. F, my significant other to walk with me to the corner.

Shawn, a character from my second novel, Foolish is also a romantic, despite being a cheater. He creates paradise in the backyard, since he and Kayla were unable to travel to paradise due to work. I create male characters who want to please their women. I create all the things I want for me within my novels.

I write to escape the day’s stresses. When I am writing I am someone else. I am the heroine in my novels. Whatever my real life lacks, my fantasy life has it in abundance. Tonight I had all the romance I could think of.

* * * * *

Donneil D. Jackson is a writer by nature and a Jersey girl by birth. Growing up a sheltered child, she used writing as an escape from her everyday life. She discovered that with writing she could be someone else, do things Donneil would never do and entertain others. Donneil has been writing for as long as she can remember, ever since her mother placed a pencil in her hand. The girl has a niche for telling an elaborate and descriptive tale. One day she began writing Chante’s Song marking the beginning of her professional writing career.

Donneil resides in Northern New Jersey with her daughter.

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