Review: "Tenacity" by Bob Stidham

Review by Melissa Cornwell

Here’s the blurb from Amazon:
Jeff Prince is in Dallas and becomes embroiled in a fight that ends with a death. He quickly becomes the prime suspect and is jailed. Prince unwittingly uses an attorney with a conflict of interest and draws a two-year sentence for manslaughter. His injustice grows within his mind like a festering sore. Known as stubborn and unyielding, he returns to the scene of his downfall when released. With help from a club waitress, he locates a witness to the fight scene. An actress, present at the fatal fight, refuses to get involved. Stymied temporarily, he seeks help from a member of the Dallas Homicide division. The old cop admits that a crime mob does exist and is growing. He must move with care in dealing with the mob, as they may have infiltrated the police department. Events unfold that provide a rosier view. Jeff’s name could be cleared, his future looks brighter and love is in full bloom.

This book was very interesting and very easy to follow. I absolutely grew to love the character of Jeff Prince in his quest to prove his innocence. I cannot imagine what it would have been like to be in prison for two years knowing you are innocent. There was such a huge, complex cast of characters, and I have to say bravo to that. Jeff finds allies in unexpected places, such as Olin Miller and Katy. I like the romantic twist to the story. Jeff definitely deserved to have something good happen in his life.

The novel was very realistic and very well written. The complex story plots fit together very well. It was interesting to see the process by which Jeff went through to accomplish his goal; being in the thick of danger, but not afraid to keep pushing ahead. I think one of the biggest things I got from this novel was that if you want something bad enough, you will do anything to get it. It also means that you probably shouldn’t get caught up with the mob. Very good image of what the mob does and it was a very interesting twist to the story. Out of everyone, I didn’t see the mob as the ones responsible. Thank you for a very interesting read!