Review: Flipside Erotica by Darren Michaels

When Darren Michaels approached me about reviewing Flipside Erotica, I was intrigued with the concept. In his book he takes various erotic encounters and tells then from both sides of the story.

I decided to read the “male” point of view stories first. All the tales feature Darren as the “hero”. I found these rather interesting since there aren’t many erotica books out there told from a man’s view and written by a man. The stories seemed to flow and drew me in.

Then I moved on the the “woman’s” point of view. Each story featured a different woman and her liaison with Darren. This was when the book started to let me down. We had all the same scenarios, but they didn’t have the same appeal. Much of the thoughts running through the ladies’ heads seemed awkward and forced. It also may be just been my .pdf copy of the book, but the editing on this half of the book seemed sub-par.

Overall, I did enjoy the book. The scenarios were interesting (however, mentioning of safe sex practices might have been a smart idea as I don’t remember one condom being mentioned in the whole book) and the sex scenes were quite hot. I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for insight into the male’s mind when it comes to sex. And also suggest keeping a fan, cup of ice water or an adult toy nearby if your partner isn’t available.