Review: The Quarterback’s Demons by C.K. Laurence

Review by Melissa Cornwell

This is the first mystery I have read in a long time and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The book kept me guessing all the way until the end and then I was blown away by the ending. Wonderfully complex plot. I also liked the characters very much. Kyle might represent that side of fame that all parents and family want to see: a superstar athlete with morals. I also liked the plot with Karen. I adore stories where childhood friends become something more when they get older, and this was one of those stories. Also, I enjoyed the other members of the squad. They added an extra taste to the life of cops, especially Garcia.

In this story, we get both a look into an athlete’s life as well as that into a cop’s life. It was definitely a strange combination. I can honestly say that I have not read a story like it. I cannot imagine the research it took to write this book, but it was a job well done. I wanted to see more of the side characters developed, but for the length of the novel, they were well done. This murder mystery is great for those who read mysteries constantly, but I think it would be great for those just starting out in the genre, as it is very unique in the mystery it presents. I hope to see more come from this author.