Guest Blogger: Janice Lynn


Currently I’m doing an online read at and a reader
posted a comment about visualizing heroes in romance novels as movie
stars/someone famous and asked if others did that and who they saw.
Truth is, often I do this. Perhaps its because I’m trying to
visualize the hero and take the author’s description then transform it
as closely as possible to something I can ‘see’.

I’m not one of those organized writers–oh, if only I was!–who does
plot boards and picture boards, but I do generally have an image in my
head when I write characters. Sometimes the visual is only in my head
and sometimes I’m thinking of a movie star/famous person.

So, I’m curious, how many of you visualize characters in books as someone famous? Do the heroes in romance novels transform into Patrick Dempsey, Hugh Jackmon, Daniel Craig, or some other yummy studmuffin? For those writers out there, do you use Hollywood hunks as the inspiration for your heroes?

For anyone interested, I’m also holding a contest over at on the Single Doctor, Single Dad online read discussion thread and am giving away a book bag & autographed book to anyone who posts who they think the hero of my free online read looks like.

I’ll give away a copy of Surgeon Boss, Surprise Dad (currently available at, The Heart Surgeon’s Secret Son (winner of the 2009 Golden Quill for Best Traditional Romance) or The Doctor’s Pregnancy Bombshell (winner of the 2007 National Readers’ Choice Award for Best Traditional Romance) to two lucky folks who leave comments! Jen will pick the winner on Thursday, June 18 around 5:00 pm PST. To be entered in the drawing, you must leave a comment and either leave your email address in the comment or send an email to

BIO: Janice Lynn has a Master of Science degree in nursing from Vanderbilt University and works full-time as a family nurse practitioner in a small, rural town in the southern United States. Juggling the aspects of day to day life and her life-long dream of writing happily-ever-afters, Janice lives with her husband, their four children, their three dogs: Lily, Trouble, & Jackson, their turtle Misses Turtle, and a lot of unnamed dust bunnies who have moved in
since she started her writing career.

As a teenager, Janice fell in love with romance while sneaking her mother’s Harlequin novels. She dreamed of fictional worlds where good always triumphs over evil and where the girl gets her man. Since then, she’s dreamed of creating stories that touch readers’ hearts and
takes them into fantasy worlds of their own.

belongs to Writers At Play, the Wet Noodle Posse, Romance Writers of America, and various RWA chapters where she’s served in numerous capacities. She can often be found procrastinating at Facebook or‘s blog when not working on her next
Harlequin Medical Romance.