Review: "GoneAway Into the Land" by Jeffrey B. Allen

Reviewed by Melissa Cornwell

This book was absolutely amazing! Jeffrey Allen has created a world that is both magical and mysterious. The characters have the most extraordinary courage. Ellie and John represent a very important factor in everyone’s life, and that is family. Their determination to find Marny is astounding. I was captivated at once by these characters, and by the plot of the novel. It hooked me in and didn’t let go. I became enchanted by the Land and the characters there. I can imagine a colorful and wonderful world. The detail in this book is so exact. I felt like I was actually there in the book, traveling in the cars and tasting the desserts.

Jeffrey Allen takes a children’s world and applies it to adults, reminding us that we are never too old to do certain things, and that we will always have that inner child. Children and their imagination should never be underestimated. Through John’s character, we see that children are just as capable as adults, and that there are certain times where adults just don’t get it. As I read this book, I remember that excitement and determination that I had as a child, as well as pure enjoyment of just doing something, which I think we lose as we become adults.

Excellent book! I look forward to more of Jeffrey Allen’s work.