Jen’s Review: "Hot Flash" by Kathy Carmichael

The blurb from the back of the book:

On Jill Morgan Storm’s fortieth birthday, she declares she is through with love. A conviction well justified, considering her first husband didn’t leave her for another woman; he became one! More recently, her love affair came to a screeching halt when her lover dumped her for a young undergraduate. To make matters worse, the teeny-bopper stole Jill’s “well-seasoned” frying pan, and when you’re a sous chef, that’s no small offense; it’s a major felony.

When financial obligations threaten her son’s dream of attending art school, Jill and her friends devise a foolproof plan to audition candidates for a new husband. The search for Mr. Right is on.

There is one problem, however. His name is Davin Wesley, an annoying third-grade schoolteacher, who relentlessly plagues her days, haunts her nights, and propels her libido into overdrive. She knows he is absolutely, undeniably wrong for her. So why, then, does Mr. Wrong take her breath away, curl her toes, and give her a hot flash every time she sees him? More importantly, what will she do if Mr. Wrong is actually Mr. Right?

When Kathy contacted me about being a guest on the blog she also asked about a review. She sent me an advanced copy and I read it… and really enjoyed it. But I forgot to write the review. Oops! And then it’s time for her promo, and the review still wasn’t written. So, here it is a good two months after reading the book (and with many books read since) and I’m wracking my brains to explain how I felt about the book.

I do remember being hesitant when I started. Kathy herself labeled the book as Mom-lit / Women’s Fiction. Maybe it’s because I’ve read some clunkers in those “genres” that I was nervous. But she did assure me there was romance, which I have to have when I read these sorts of books. So I started reading and the comedic situations really drew me in and made me forget genre. Then the romance was snuck in and I was a totally happy camper. I found this book to be a page turner and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a light, humorous tale. I am looking forward to reading more from Kathy Carmichael.