Review: Instant Attraction by Jill Shalvis

Instant AttractionReview by C.K. Laurence

Katie Cramer runs away from her dull life “balls out,” after a near fatal accident. Looking for the adventure she had never allowed herself, Katie answers an ad for a temporary office manager at Wilder Adventures in the town of Wishful. Imagine her reaction when, during the first night in her cabin she awakens to see ruggedly handsome Olympic champion Cam Wilder standing over her bed!

Wilder has returned from a year-long journey to find himself following a life shattering snowboarding wreck. His two brothers, Stone and T.J., and Aunt Annie who raised him, are thrilled to have him home and put him right to work at the family business Wilder Adventures—where neither he nor Katie can escape one another.

The story follows Cam and Katie’s battle against the growing attraction between them. The two face obstacles from every direction as they fight to take back their lives and find passion and love along the way. Of course there is the formula ex-girlfriend to complicate matters and one family crisis after another to keep the plot moving. Did I mention that there is lots of hot sex between the couple?

Instant Attraction had me turning the pages to see if and how the couple would succeed, and I must admit I could not put it down. The only thing that niggled at total enjoyment was Shavis’ obsession with green eyes and Cam’s amazing body. I found myself wanting to say “Okay, I get it. I get it!” It wasn’t so bad that it stopped me from plowing through the novel in only two days, though.

For anyone looking for a romantic read with plenty of action, warmth and some big smiles, I can tell you this—Shavis next novel is a sequel involving Cam’s brother Stone, and I have every intention of reading it.