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A new way to look at your Marketing needs, Personalized to each and every client.
Packages and prices can be tailored around each authors needs.
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Are you looking for someone to help you get your books out there?
Do you need someone to help you schedule Interviews, Chats Reviews and more?
Maybe you need someone to help you set up your website, blog, or MySpace?
Are you an author just starting out and need some guidance, or have you been around a while and need someone to help keep you organized and give you a fresh new look at Marketing?
If any of these is true then maybe you should consider hiring a Freelance Publicist.

Personalized Marketing is geared towards just these things.

My name is Dee Owens, I along with the Personalized Marketing Freelance Staff are now offering some of the great advice we have received and used over the last few years to help others in the writing field.

Personalized Marketing is now offering a new writing service as well. To find out more visit our packages page and click on Freelance Writing.

Personalized Marketing is mainly an online service however we have and will continue to schedule events near you be it over the phone, through faxes, and regular mail as well as eMail.

We have helped a variety of different clients you can find a list of those clients at With a few clients still being added to the list personalized Marketing is living up to its name by Personalizing its services to each of the clients listed.

Before beginning with any new clients, I will require a 30-minute interview; this will be used to get to know you and your work better so that you will get the most out of my services. This 30-minute chat is free of charge and done through either an IM or web hosted chartroom. This is to see where you are heading and what you have planned for the future, also to find out how much you can afford and what services you are wanting specifically.

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** Refer a new client to us and you get a referral bonus 30-days after they join.

A list of all Personalized Marketing’s Packages
PR Management
Websites, Blogs, and online Communities
Editorial, Proofreading and Ghost Writing

Meet the Staff of Personalized Marketing

Dee Owens / Owner
Dee has been in the writing industry for over 5 years now. She has personally published 2 Paranormal Romances and hopes to use what she has learned to help other authors realize dreams.

Assistant / Freelance Manager
Krys is a Freelance Consultant brought on by Dee to help the Clients of Personalized Marketing receive the best quality of service possible. Krys is not only a fan but also an editor, artistic creation specialist, good listener and promo guru. Adding Krys to the Team of Personalized Marketing is a great honor and privilege

SEO Articles / Writer
Sonija is a Freelance Writer and SEO Article Expert brought on by Dee to help the Clients of Personalized Marketing receive the best quality of service possible. Having Sonija join Personalized Marketing is like having a firend come home.

ZoeDee / Debbie / or Mom as we like to call her.
Marketing Links and Postings
Debbie has been brought on to help with the groups and other marketing needs by Personalized Marketing and its clients. Adding Mom to the Personalized Marketing Team has made this family complete.

Dee will be stopping by this weekend to answer any questions you have about Personalized Marketing. She also has a prize package for an author who comments this weekend. This package includes a free ebook of La Roe’s as well as a discount applied to Dee’s services at Personalized Marketing. To enter, leave a comment and then send an email to expressing your interest in the contest. A winner will be chosen around 5pm PDT on Sunday, Feb 1.