I’m a little bummed…

Acheron (Dark-Hunter, Book 12)I was totally excited when I heard that Sherrilyn Kenyon was going to be signing copies of her new book in Seattle. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this book. So, I took time off work, convinced my sisters to take a road trip with me and we set out to drive across the state of Washington for a girls weekend.

After a 5 hour car drive, we arrive to the booksigning and discover a huge crowd… and that there is going to be a talk before the signing begins. Now, I like these books a lot, but I really didn’t care that there was going to be a discussion (and some question and answer time). I just wanted my book signed. 45 minutes or so later (about 7:30ish) the signing began. And it moved soooo very slow. When we got to the bookstore, we were given cards for our place in line (I was 125). By 9:00 they were only up to number 80 and I was fading fast seeing as I was up with the sun. So, I totally gave up and went back to the hotel because there was no way that I could sit (on the floor) around for at least another hour for them to get to me.

I totally understand that Sherrilyn was taking the time to talk to her fans, but it was making for a really long evening by not speeding up the signing process. I’m bummed that I didn’t get a chance to say hi and get my book signed. I’m upset that I feel like I wasted several hours of my life waiting around a bookstore for a signature that never happened. I’m just thankful that while the booksigning was the original reason for the trip… it’s not the sole reason and the weekend won’t be a total loss.

On the plus side… as soon as I can pry the book out of my sister’s hands, I’ll be reading the book and I can’t wait to finally read Acheron‘s story!

Edited on 8-10-08 to add that the trip was fun. I met a friend who I’d met online and spent some time with him. Did a lot of shopping with my sisters (and managed not to break the bank)… and I got a tattoo (*gasp*). The symbols stand for “older sister”. Both of my sisters got tats that have other sister symbols. Mines more elaborate since I figured I was going to get my one and only tattoo, it’d better be pretty. So, I added my favorite flower and color (purple tulip) to the design. Oh and Sharon finished the 700 page book on the car ride home and she’s loved it.