Spring Cleaning

I have a lot of books. My bookshelf is overflowing. I have boxes upon boxes of books stored away for the day that I have enough living space to have them all unpacked.

But as I read books, I realize that I can’t keep every book I buy. In fact, I don’t want to. I’m very much a series reader and I’m coming to the realization that my library needs to be weeded out and I’m going to focus on series.

Which comes to my latest favorite internet site– Paperback Swap. It’s a site that allows people to post books that they want to get rid of and create a wish list of books they want to receive. You have to post books in order to receive books. You pay the shipping costs of the books you send. Membership at the site doesn’t cost you anything outside of shipping. I invite you to check out my profile and bookshelf at http://dukefn99.paperbackswap.com. I’m planning on adding more books in the near future. And if you join, be sure to mention me (dukefn99) as your referral and add me as a buddy.