I’m still reading!!!

Hi readers! In case you’ve been wondering why we haven’t posted any new reviews in a week or so, I though I should update you on where I’ve been. I’ve actually just started a month long house sitting adventure with very (and I mean very) spotty internet connection. My laptop has to be in just the right place to pick up an unsecure and weak wireless network. Then on top of that, this week was Holy Week and I’ve been busy with church commitments (that’s what I get for joining the choir).
At any rate, I’ve been sneaking a little reading in but haven’t had the time to sit down and write any reviews. I also need to get to the library and get a Louis L’Amour book for my challenge read.
At any rate, if there is a book that you’d like Jessica or I to read and review, post here and we’ll consider it (mostly providing we can get our hands on a copy). We’d also like to hear from y’all on any of our reviews. Have you read any of the books we’ve read and agree or disagree with our thoughts? Let us know.
And while I’m posting, let me just say that I spent a good chunk of the day watching basketball and most of my picks lost. This does not bode well for my annual challenge with my dad. At least UNC is still in the running (but they play tomorrow) or else I’d be screwed as half of my final has already been eliminated (Thanks a lot Pitt. I took a chance on you and you let me down!).
And with that, I’m going to go read…